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Grooming Equipment

The design and functionality of the grooming equipment used has direct impact on the quality of the grooming experience and the finished product. Hunched over a card table or struggling at a kitchen counter can make the grooming session a miserable and painful experience. And hours drying your furry friend with your own heated hair dryer is well, just downright dangerous. From grooming guidance to restraints, professional dryers...tables and tubs, you will find professional...affordable options that just make good dog grooming sense.


Grooming is hard and rewarding work requiring an artist's eye and a steady hand, as well as a compassionate heart and physical strength. Our handpicked books and business tools will give you professional guidance in the artistry of grooming and in operating a salon. Check out Karla's book, Introduction to The Foundations of Dog Grooming, in full color with original photographs and illustrations covering step-by-step instructions in the nine procedures of maintenance grooming with seven bonus chapters on related topics.


The secret to a long-lasting professionally groomed finish is in the drying of the dog's coat. Today's high velocity dryers dry the coat from the skin out. This reduces the risk of hot-spots. The force of the air straightens the coat and facilitates undercoat removal at the same time. It is faster, safer and BETTER. You'll find brand names in forced-air, cage and stand drying...along with useful drying tips. At all price points. You will love the results.


A professional grooming table will make the entire grooming process more enjoyable for both you and your best friend. It will allow you to be more efficient and effective as you are able to reach all parts of the dog's body, comfortably, without struggling. From folding to hydraulic and electric tables you will find an option that suits your needs and fits your budget. You'll wonder how you ever managed before...


Any professional groomer will tell you that the most challenging part of grooming is handling an aggressive or uncooperative fur kid safely while preventing injury to the pet and self. Having an assortment of muzzles and grooming loops on hand will have you prepared for humanely and safely handing the occassional naughty canine no matter the size or breed. And NOW we are happy to offer you the awesome and totally humane Groomers Helper . Every professional groomer should have one. It will pay for itself over and over again with the time you save not having to struggle with the uncooperative canine...honestly, you will wonder how you ever managed before!


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